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What is Subarex?

Located in Vienna, WV, Subarex is an innovative new way to save thousands on a safe, dependable, better-than-used Subaru. 

Why Should I Buy from Rex?

Quality. Value. Love. These are the principles that make Rex’s better-than-used Subarus such a great and unique opportunity.

Do You have a warranty?

We sure do! At Subarex, we truly believe in the quality of our cars, so we offer an unprecedented warranty. Click here to find out all about it!

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What Can Rex Do For You?

Rex doesn’t just sell the best Subarus in town – he offers plenty of other services, too. Whether you’re looking for a car we don’t have or parts for one that you do, Rex has got your back. So look around, and find out what Rex can do for you!


Looking for high-quality, used OEM Subaru parts? Rex has got you covered.

Warranty Information

Learn about our 3 Month / 3,000 Mile Limited PowerTrain Warranty.

What Is Subarex?

What makes Subarex special compared to a typical used car dealer?

Our Vehicles

View our inventory of better-than-used, Rexconstructed Subarus.

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