Rex knows that paying cash for your used Subaru isn’t always realistic; in the fourth quarter of 2018, more than half of the used cars purchased in America were financed. Car loans are easier than ever to get, with subprime and long-term loans continuing to rise, but financing a reconstructed vehicle remains a pretty tricky endeavor. Unfortunately, Subarex does not offer any in-house financing options at the moment, but don’t worry; even if you can’t quite pay out-of-pocket, you’ve still got some options:

Financing a Reconstructed Title

THE “50% LOAN”

The majority of banks will not lend on anything other than a clean title, but there are some that are a little more willing to work with them. Rex knows of at least one local bank that will lend up to 50% of NADA Value on a reconstructed car, depending on the circumstances. With many of Rex’s cars being priced significantly under book value, this could be a great option. Contact us today to find out more!

2006 Subaru Legacy Outback 2.5i for sale


Personal loans may be a good fit for you if you just need a little help with your purchase.  These are considered “unsecured” loans, which means that you are borrowing against your name and your credit as opposed to any collateral (ie, your shiny new car). As such, the requirements are a little steeper than a typical car loan; you must have very solid credit, a good debt to income ratio, and be willing to accept a somewhat higher interest rate. If you meet all of those requirements, though, this can be a great option. Contact your bank today and see if it a personal loan will work for you!