Frequently Asked Questions

Rex gets many questions about his reconstructed Subarus, so he’d like to take a moment to address a few of the more common ones.

a.     People usually get rid of used (clean title) cars when they are either ragged out by miles or have some serious mechanical problems, rust issues or even prior unreported damage, all stemming from abuse, neglect or poorly performed repairs. On the other hand, when a Subaru is wrecked for the first time, it is unexpectedly taken out of service, often with very low miles and with an otherwise long, useful life ahead of it until oops, a crash. Insurance company loss, our gain. (see Economies of Scale, below). Collision total losses, when carefully chosen and then efficiently and  professionally repaired, (including performing all necessary service and maintenance not even related to the collision repair), represent an opportunity to, as we call it, “Bring back the Love.”

a.     To steal a slogan: quality ingredients mean quality pizza.  Subarus have become synonymous with quality, high resale value and long life. 

b.     Excellence: When you do only one thing, you can develop excellence well above what an average collision shop that works on all makes and models can achieve. Even factory dealer bodyshops work on any insurance job they can acquire regardless of make or model – we are different. We do not do outside work, insurance work, or even take trade-ins because we focus on our area of excellence to be “faster, better, lighter, cheaper” in creating Subarex Subarus. We know Subarus inside and out and we work with Subaru dealerships for parts, factory-dealership-only computer diagnostics and occasional service advice.

c.      Economy of Scale: In the process of rebuilding only Subarus, we generate a large inventory of parts as we go from build-to-build and we know every harness, assembly, engine, transmission, suspension system, quarter-panel curve and dash light.  When we start a build, we are not guessing at what tools and parts need to be right beside us.  

This translates to value to our customers because we work efficiently, keeping labor costs low, and provide very low costs for recycled factory Subaru parts. This translates into ever-lower production costs that we pass on to our customers with lower prices.

a.     Yes, almost all. We purchase total-loss collision Subarus from insurance companies. Some we buy for parts, some we buy to build. The final decision on a “Subarex Build” is only made after we receive the car and determine that the finished build will be a solid Subarex Subaru that we will warrant for sale.

a.     When a Subaru is crashed, flooded, damaged by hail, or whatever causes it to be deemed a “total loss”, then the DMV requires it first to be branded with a “Salvage Title.”  However, there is a process where the title can be reclassified as a “Reconstructed Title,” after repair, which restores it for regular use. The process, (at least for us), is to professionally repair the collision damage and also to perform all of the mechanical maintenance as part of the repair process.  Once this is completed, the Subaru is required to first pass a WV State Inspection, then pass a Reconstructed Title Inspection by an employee of the WV DMV.  Once these steps are complete, our experience is that Subarex Subarus can be licensed and insured in all 50 states just like any other Subaru.  

a.     Of course.  All DMVs require a reconstructed vehicle title to be branded as such after repair.  As we all know, that vehicle history will always be a part of the “Carfax” on that VIN.  From that point on, the “Book Value” of the vehicle will be less because of the “Branded Title.” However, Book Value is not the only measure of value. Most of our customers buy our Subarex Subarus to use them for the original useful life. Common examples are cars for college, adventure vehicles for campers and skiers, soccer moms on a budget…you get the idea. As a result, an investment in a Subarex Subaru is for dependable, long-term service.  Besides, if you take care of your Subarex Subaru, it will hold its relative value.

a.     Purchase price.  Many lenders will not finance a car with an R-title, or will only loan up to fifty percent (50%) of the “Book Value.” As a result, many of our buyers either just pay cash for the total purchase price or are prepared to put a down-payment on the amount that is above what a lender will offer.  If you need a loan to manage the purchase price, ask us for a list of lenders that will offer partial financing on an R-Title Subarex Subaru.

b.     Insurance: Any internet search result on R-Title branded titles will caution that insurance is an issue. Many insist that you cannot obtain collision or comprehensive coverage on an R-title. However, that has not been our experience.  We suggest that before you commit to purchasing a Subarex, you contact your insurance company, provide the VIN from the title, and request a quote on the coverage you desire.  

c.      Inspection: Subarex Subarus are restored to factory specifications and all maintenance is also completed at the time of repair.  This includes everything from brakes, rotors and wheel bearings to fluid changes, cabin filters and thorough detailing.  Once you are satisfied from your own inspection and test drive that our Subarex Subaru is worth considering, then we encourage you to have an independent inspection from a shop of your choosing.  Outside inspections are one of our best sales tools!

a.   Our prices are based on an amount lower than book value, but the older the model, the closer to book price.  Indeed, some special builds are sold for more than book value..

Given the uncertainties in purchasing a collision vehicle, coupled with our uncompromising quality control standards for repairs, we will often have more in a build than the price we set on the finished Subarex.  However, based on our business model, we are able to take losses on some cars because of the economies of scale within our model. 

Because we anticipate losses on individual builds, we do not sacrifice our quality control and finished product standards simply because it costs more to finish a particular build than what we originally projected. For example, sometimes, we discover issues that could not be predicted in the original estimate and, in that case, depending on the issue, we either abandon the build or finish it and absorb that loss.  
On the other hand, when we set the market value on a Subarex, it reflects a solid value based on the make, model, mileage and features of the car.  As a result, even though we will sometimes get “low-ballers” who want to claim our Subarex Subarus are not worth what we are asking simply because it has an R-title, in response, we say this Subarex may not be for you.  
Our value model is pretty simple: By starting with a collision vehicle, we are able to establish a base cost for that Subaru that will allow us, on most builds, to invest everything it takes to conduct a a thorough inspection, deliver a high-quality repair and perform any required additional maintenance. In this way, we can deliver great value on a low-mileage Subarex Subaru.  A Subarex Subaru will NEVER be your typical ragged-out mystery used car that people often settle for, only to discover that “buying the car was the cheap part” because they end up either with an non-functional car or huge and unforeseen repair expenses.  We start with a quality collision vehicle, add tremendous value, then deliver a finished product with a rock-solid warranty that you will be proud to own and will enjoy for many years and many miles because we brought back the love on a Subaru that was almost lost ahead of its time.  
We always say, the only way anyone knows our Subarex Subarus have an R-title is by LOOKING AT THE TITLE 😃